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Muddy Puddle School Wood Street Infants

Wood Street Infants welcome The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach for their needs.

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Muddy Puddle School Lincoln Minster

Proud to be a flagship school.

special needs outdoor learning

Lincoln Minster Host more Muddy Puddlers

Lincoln Minster now hosting training

outdoor learning DT

We welcome new teacher Becky to the Team from Lincoln Minster School

Muddy Puddle Teacher
outdoor learning

Doing our bit...

We are committed in helping the education industry to reduce waste and to teach the next generations about being more environmentally friendly. With eco-schools being taken out of the curriculum, schools have little to be accountable for in regard to waste. It is down to each of them to consciously put this at the forefront and we know as teachers they have enough to do. Our approach was created with that in mind.

Just by simply doing our approach, that still covers attainment and supports learning they are making and environmental impact, while reducing waste, saving energy and using less paper and plastics!

The Muddy Puddle Teacher ®

An outdoor teaching approach created by teachers for teachers

Reduce overall teacher workload | Make outdoor learning manageable | Enjoy the physical and mental well-being benefits for teacher and child

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‘Learning outside for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour, say, researchers’, Telegraph article click here to read more